Clear your calendar this Friday, Buffalo's latest Bar/Restaurant is opening August 15 and this is an event you will not want to miss. Famed mixologist Jon Karel will be opening the doors to Buffalo Proper on Franklin Street (formally Laughlins). Modeled after Karel's Rochester establishment The Revelry, the bar initially was going to be called Blood & Sand, but after some legal issues they changed the name to Buffalo Proper which I am much fonder of.  It looks as though they've done an incredible job with the space and this will be yet another fine establishment to frequent in Buffalo.

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Imagine 1920's Western NY, “Buffalo Proper” Already a few years into prohibition, our booming steel town was considered one of the wealthiest and wettest cities in the nation. Buffalonians raised their glasses in defiance of the 18th amendment with great drinks and exceptional friends. 

Buffalo Proper today represents the highest ideal of what our region has to offer to the world of food and beverage. We command theory, technique, and inspiration to bridge the gap between our creativity and your pleasure. To us, food and drink are not just about calories and alcohol; they're about transcending every day life into the realm of limitless possibilities. The place where life is just... Sweeter.

Jon Karel imbues our bar with passion, mastery, and never ending thirst for revelry. Chef Forster commands our kitchen with patience, diligence, and endless curiosity. Josh Miles elevates our service team with warmth, knowledge, and attentiveness.