We’ve written before about the BrewBot, an automated home brewing system that takes a large amount of the labor out of the brewing process. But today, we discovered something even more revolutionary: SYNEK.



What is SYNEK? Well, basically, it’s like a Keurig (you know, the coffee machine that uses convenient single-serve cartridges) but with beer. Be still my beating heart, you know what I mean?

SYNEK was invented by Steve Young (note: the Missouri resident and inventor, not the football player) who has already raised more than $500,000 on Kickstarter (more than twice the original goal amount). Honestly, it seems like a pretty incredible piece of technology, and it will be interesting to see just how influential it becomes when it hits the market.

The SYNEK team

The SYNEK team

There’s a lot more we can talk about regarding SYNEK, but you know what? Just go look at it for yourself. It’s pretty awesome, and even if you don’t love the idea, you’ve got to respect the hustle. Well done, Steve Young. You deserve a medal.