There is not always time for a sit-down lunch in the midst of a hectic work week…

But when there is, I tend to find myself at SeaBar.

In the main dining room, minimalistic modern decor is awash in the colored glow of soft fluorescent lighting. It is the perfect escape from the dull confines of a cubicle. Not only does SeaBar have a modern, urban atmosphere that makes me feel like I’m working in the middle of a much larger metropolis than I am, but it also has an amazing lunch special that I never get sick of.

There are plenty of diverse and sophisticated options at this fine restaurant, but my stand-by lunch is the $10 Lunch Bento Box special.

Served with piping hot miso soup and a cool cucumber salad, your hardest choice of the afternoon will be which roll do I order?

The rolls are all excellent, some of my favorites being the crab mango (for the sweet tooth), cucumber avocado (for the vegetarian), spicy tuna (for the traditionalist), or the beef on weck roll (for a truly unique flavor experience). Artistic presentations complete the urban feel of the experience.

Stay tuned for a more formal review of more appetizers and entrees, but for now, trust me on the Bento Box special.

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