When I am in the mood for a scrumptious dinner in a casual setting, Gabriel’s Gate is one of my favorite choices. From the moment you walk in, it oozes character and old-world charm.  This is one of the oldest buildings in Buffalo, and I am so glad that it has been very nicely maintained.  The inside of this restaurant is full of ecletic decor from Indians to mooseheads to chandeliers. There is plenty of worn, yet comfortable, seating, and the table placement makes this place feel very cozy.  I love sitting in the front room next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s night gazing out at snowy Allen St…

But it’s summertime now, and the place to be at Gabriel’s Gate is the back patio, where a small waterfall trickles down and there is an all-around relaxing feeling in the air.

The chicken wings here are known (to locals) as the best in the city, and it’s true – meaty, with just the perfect touch of crispiness, and tossed in a delightful rendition of Buffalo sauce.  Far superior to the wings served at the “famous” Buffalo wing places (Duffs & Anchor Bar).

But this week we were not in the mood for wings so we decided to try some of their other fare.  There is quite a large menu made up mostly of different fried appetizers, sandwiches, and hamburgers (tavern-fare at it’s finest).  The potato skins stand out in my memory as drool-worthy. 

On this evening, we started with bowls of French Onion soup.  It was good, and similar to just about any French Onion soup you’d find in a local bar – chock full of onions, topped with generous coutons and heavy cheese (just the way I like it).

Since I was drinking beer (a rare event in my life) and thus was feeling a bit fuller than usual, I opted for the Marinated Chicken salad.  This was not just any salad though.  The chicken strips were deeply marinated in a tangy sauce, and lightly grilled.  They were juicy and delicious, a perfect compliment to the fresh greens, tomatoes, and heavy dose of feta that topped this salad.  Served with a grilled pita, this was everything I wanted and more!

My gal-pals went with sandwiches, which are all named after local streets, quite a charming touch.  These sandwhiches were gobbled up and got rave reviews.  Erin ordered “The Delaware” (grilled chicken with spinach and provolone), and Carly went with “The Edward” (grilled chicken with spinach and blue cheese).   They were both served on a hearty bun and came with chips on the side (minus one! fries would have been so much better!).

Despite my love for Gabriel’s Gate, we did not experience the delightful service that I am used to recieving when I dine here.  Our waiter was actually quite inattentive to our requests.

If you are looking for an affordable and laid-back night out filled with delicious food, check out Gabriel’s Gate on Allen.  And next time an out-of-towner asks for a chicken wing recommendation?  Send them here!


Price: 4/5 
Service: 3/5 
Variety: 4/5 
Atmosphere: 4/5 
Taste: 4/5