On January 5, 1829, eighteen years before the Diocese of Buffalo was founded, Louis Stephen LeCouteulx de Chaumont, French nobleman and first Catholic to reside in Buffalo, gave the land on which St. Louis Church stands.

This grand transformation of the previous brick structure, devasted by a fire in 1885, was completed in 1899 by Schickel & Ditmar of New York City. Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church is built in the popular for the period- continental Gothic style of the 14th century, with an exterior of Medina red sandstone.

The grandeur of the interior consists of marvelous marble alters, ornate statues, and rich mosaics that will inspire. The beautiful stained glass panels tell the story of major events in the life of St. Louis IX, former king of France, as well as various biblical events. Several of the stained glass windows were even fabricated locally by Riester & Frohe.

Perhaps the most awe inspiring feature is the brilliant Kimball Organ, acquired in 1903, and housed in the choir loft.

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St. Louis Roman Catholic Church - Buffalo, NY from BuffaloVibe on Vimeo.