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Are you a poet looking to showcase your talent? Well, Buffalo is laden with events that will give you a chance to let others hear your voice through poems and share that passion with other poets. Here are three of my favorite events around Buffalo that are rich in poetry and talent. And yes, they are all open mic!

This one is for all of you spoken word artists out there. Wordism is a non-competitive open mic event for those of you who fancy the spoken word version of poetry, and for anyone else that likes to present poetry in the more traditional fashion. This is one of Buffalo’s most popular and fastest growing monthly events. It is also one of my favorite events because you can find every kind of artist here - lyricists, poets, even slam poets. There is something here for every fan of poetry. Experience Wordism every third Saturday. The August 20 event took place at Em Tea Coffeecup Café. Click here for the location of the September 17 event.


Sat Sep 17th → Sat Dec 17th

You’ve just experienced Wordism and are feeling hype and happy that you were part of such a wonderful event, but now you want something more relaxed and intimate, some place where you can sit back, relax and share in the magic of poetry.

The Ground and Sky Poetry Series is just the ticket. The really cool thing about this event is that there is no format, no featured reader, no list whatsoever, just a group of talented poets sitting in a circle and sharing in each others’ work. That’s right, no rules at all other than show-up and be inspired and a little amazed at the talent in the room. This event takes place at the Rust Belt bookstore on Grant Street on the every first Thursday of the month, always at 7:00pm.

Ground and Sky Buffalo Poetry Series

Thu Sep 1st → Thu Dec 1st

If you are looking for an event with featured readers, check out the Third Wednesday Reading Series at the Screening Room. Each month, one or two poets are invited to be featured readers. These poets range from published artists and teachers, to professors and editors. Sounds pretty cool, right? The best thing about this reading series and the reason I say this is a can’t miss event, is because you get the chance to share your own work in front of the amazing featured readers during the open mic session. What better way to get over the hump than at the Third Wednesday series!

Third Wednesday Reading Series at The Screening Room

Wed Sep 21st → Wed Dec 21st

Many things help make Buffalo a great place to live, and poetry is one of them. These three events are just a few of the many poetry reading series taking place in our great city. Many of the performers are not just known locally, but are also recognized nationally. Don’t miss your chance to be part of a supportive community where all types of poets are welcome. Let’s post as many of these types of events as possible on BuffaloVibe.com.

Buffalo is in the midst of a transformation, and poets are leading the charge.

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