By Jon Wilson

After 21 years and more than 100 annual performances in Western New York and al the way to the Hudson Valley Region, The ACME Mystery Co.the premier interactive mystery company in New York Stateis opening a satellite location in Buffalo. 

Based in Syracuse, ACME provides interactive comedies in a mystery format, usually in conjunction with a dinner. The shows play on two levels: they are extremely funny and fun to watch, but there also is a very real mystery that each audience member gets the chance to solve. At every seat is a program telling the audience member who they are, where they are, and when they are there. It also tells thjem about the characters they will be meeting. Additionally, each table is given a Clue and guests are encouraged to exchange this information with those at other tables in an effort to put together the most comprehensive list so as to better solve the mystery.

“ACME has performed many times in the Buffalo area, but, having grown up in Buffalo, I’m excited to be bringing our shows to my hometown on a full-time basis,” says producer, Jon Wilson. “Audiences can join in the fun, playing roles in the show as well as solving a real mystery. How could it get any better? Oh, there are prizes, of course! Everyone in the audience has a chance to win. It’s important to remember that theater isn’t a passive form of entertainment and the ACME experience embraces that active quality… literally.”

ACME Buffalo's first dinner theater show, Death Takes a Cruise, is scheduled for Saturday, October 27 at Milos Restaurant on Main Street in Williamsville. This show will be performed using veteran ACME actors from the Syracuse troupe. "This way Buffalo will see us at our very best for our first show!" says Wilson, who is currently in the area holding autions to put together the Buffalo troupe with actors from WNY. Those local actors, along with Wilson, will take over performing ACME Buffalo's shows beginning in November. The date of their next performance is still being decided.

Tickets for Death Takes a Cruise are $38.95 per person (plus tax and gratuity), which includes dinner and the show! To make reservations for the October 27th show, call Milos at (716) 810-9489.

For more information on The ACME Mystery Co., visit their website at