It is said that you shall reap what you sow, what comes around goes around, you get out what you put in. In the case of PUSH Buffalo's Hampshire St. garden this sentiment couldn't be more true. This Fall PUSH Buffalo and members of the community christened this community garden with a celebration and a reaping of sorts.

The idea sprang from PUSH's mantra of “we know what need where we live”. The Hampshire St. garden located at a former vacant lot on Hampshire St. near Lawrence (on Buffalo's West Side) was conceived by community members as a way to offer and show alternative ways to fresh food access and creative economical reuses for vacant urban properties. The garden stands as a testament to community organization around basic life needs that PUSH Buffalo has been advocating in favor of since its inception, life needs such as housing, food and jobs. 

The garden was groomed over the past months primarily by members of Buffalo's Burmese and Hispanic communities. Special thanks to PUSH Buffalo member Smiler Greely who served as a great resource for the project and whose home sits directly behind the garden. Real people real power in action! 

The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality affordable housing, to expand local hiring opportunities and advance economic justice in Buffalo. More at