Emerging from his early teenage cipher days in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, NYC recording artist and music personality Stank Nitty is breaking through to the industry and sharing his stories as a transient hip hop medicine man.

Stank Nitty started writing raps at nine years old, when his uncles gave him Ice T, Digital Underground, and Naughty by Nature tapes to listen to. Growing up as a misguided teenager with a few run-ins with the law, he continued to cultivate his act as an MC. 

As a young adult ready to experience more of the world, Stank Nitty stepped away from his roots and adopted a peripatetic lifestyle. His travels eventually brought him to NYC,  where he met fellow musician Deuce Ellis, CEO and founder of the Brooklyn-based label Cult Classics LLC in 2015, who helped him develop his brand. 

On his latest Cult Classics LLC collaboration, the 11-track album Murder of Crows, his sophisticated spiritual philosophy challenges modern-world wisdom in honest lyricism and strange but curious psychedelica. Tracks like "Never Die" and "Broad n Markham" portray the life of a word slinger navigating his course through the intersection of hard-knock circumstance and sharp-edged truth, attracting fans who have faced similar circumstances. 

Studio work is executed through a process of spontaneous artistic combustion; improvisation in a pressure-free environment allows the musician to often produce one-take recordings with his Cult Classics LLC team. 

The artist currently lives in Brooklyn and is working on several video and musical projects for tentative release.

Listen to Stank Nitty on Murder of Crows here.